Quit Sugar? Mourning Sugar

If you are a sugar lover then you can likely recall many fond memories where sugary foods were involved. You can recall the taste of your favorite sugar foods and the comfort they gave you at specific moments of your life. Because of these things, giving up sugar can feel like a very sad loss, and when you lose something that was important to us we must mourn. It may sound silly to mourn for sugar but it is something that must be done in order to come full circle and complete the process of giving it up. This may sound overly dramatic, but if you are so used to eating foods containing sugar than it can be very difficult to regain your real self.

Quit Sugar? Mourning Sugar


Mourning is connected to grief. Giving up sugar can cause emotional grief. Think of this: you will never taste that delicious pecan pie that your Grandma makes. You will never sit down in front of the television with a big banana split. You will never again feel the cooling lemonade slide down your throat on a hot summer afternoon. Now do you see why I say this is a process of mourning? Mourning is the only way to let go of the past and enter into a new life; a life that is fulfilling and peaceful. You cannot find peace unless you first mourn what was lost (or given up in this case).

Another part of the mourning process is acceptance. You must let go and accept that sugar will no longer be a part of your life. It is alright to feel sadness about your new life with no sugar since it likely played a huge role in your life history. But what you must understand is that you have to let yourself feel the grief for the things in life you are unable to change, and you are unable to change the facts about how great you will feel once you give up sugar for good. Only after you have found acceptance and mourned your loss can you move ahead. You can now build a stronger foundation for kicking the sugar habit. You can now consider ways that you can add comfort, joy and happiness into your life without having to add sugar to the mix.

Know that your grief will pop up several times throughout the long process of kicking the sugar habit. Do not minimize the loss but embrace your feelings for what they are so you can once again forge ahead. Downplaying your pain does not make it disappear and holding in your emotions may lead to a sugar relapse. Go with your flow of feelings because anytime you give up something you love you have to acknowledge how it makes you feel in order to keep mentally healthy and well balanced.

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