Defining Moments? What Life Means To You?

Defining Moments? What Life Means To You?

There are defining moments in life. Some feel great and are great to define who we are. Some feel less than great (suck), but are still great at defining who we are. Then there are defining moments that may have felt anywhere from great to suck, but do not serve us well for defining who are.

Have you done any critical thinking about what exactly these defining moments are?

Have you redefined any of these Defining Moments?

Have you decided which Defining Moments in your life must be redefined?

Please do not fall into the common trap of, “I cannot change my past.” No, you cannot change your past, but you can and must define that past in a way that empowers you.

Please leave me a comment below or send an email to and let me know your answers to these questions.

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