Quit Sugar? Sugar Detox

Quit Sugar? Sugar Detox

3 Steps to Physically Preparing Your Body for Sugar Detox

Giving up sugar is a personal choice and how you go about it is 100% up to you. Some people slowly wean themselves off of sugar as they would nicotine, and take many months to actually be sugar free. Some go cold turkey and give up every type of sugar all at once. However, it is recommended that you give your body and mind some time to develop foundation behaviors. This will make the journey a bit easier for you to digest. But no matter how you choose to go about giving up sugar, there will come a point that you will have to look your want of it right in the eye and say NO!

The first week that you go without sugar will pose many challenges and in order to succeed you have to be ready and able to live up to those challenges. So, before you make the move and take sugar out of your life you should add a few things. This will pave your way to better habits while you give up the one that is not so good-sugar consumption. It is suggested that before you attempt to kick your sugar habit that you make some other changes first in order to make the transition smoother and less stressful.

The first step is preparing your body for sugar detox. The following steps are things you will find helpful on your journey.

Step 1: Eat your breakfast every morning. This is the meal that sets you up for the rest of your day. Here is the reason; if you skip this important meal then you will not be able to resist sugar products if you are feeling hungry. Eating breakfast stabilizes the blood sugar so that your hunger is satiated and you are not uncomfortably full. (This is important as overeating is not an option for giving up sugar.) Your breakfast does not have to be typical. Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast that you enjoy. This is important in curbing hunger. The more you eat a proper breakfast, the better you will feel and the less you will crave sugar. You should also eat regularly so as not to get over hungry which can also cause sugar cravings.

Step 2: Eat protein at each meal and add more fiber and carbs to your diet. Proteins stabilize the blood sugar and keeps energy at higher levels. Eating about 20 grams of protein during each meal is enough to get the job done. Fiber and carbs provide the same service as protein and that is why they are recommended during your fight against sugar. Some excellent sources of protein: tempeh, lentils, beans.

Step 3: Add a workout to your daily routine. This exercise does not have to be heavy. You can do some light moves and it will have the same effect which is providing you with a grounding experience that will help you to give up sugar when you decide that the time has come.

These are the steps you should take before detoxing from sugar. Good luck and remember there is much more involved in giving up sugar. You will also have to consider the emotional aspects of such a huge life change.

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